Changing Schools

Changes to instruction driven by technology, student demographics and pedagogical beliefs are an indispesible part of the education beat. A full collection of Kyla’s work at KPBS is available here.

SDSU Classes Bridge The Face-To-Face Versus Digital Divide


San Diego State and other California State campuses are offering students courses that blend in-person and online learning, hoping they’ll get the best of both worlds.

Will Common Core Curriculum Clear The Way for Arts In Schools?


Critics of using standardized test scores to judge schools say its focus on basic reading and math skills has crowded subjects like art and science out of many schools. California is starting to roll out new curriculum standards this year that some hope will bring arts back to the classroom.

New Fallbrook Superintendent Focuses On Urgency For School Success


Boosting the academic performance of students who are learning English as a second language is the new Fallbrook superintendent’s specialty.